Inflatable Flying pig from Pink Floyd European tour

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This inflatable structure is a pig which for decades has been the symbol of the revolt of Roger Waters and therefore of the group Pink Floyd. Coming from a French tour and probably in 1988, this pig is one of the models that have been used on stage, to differentiate from those, bigger, that the group has floated in some city centers.
This model can be attached from above, so it can be hung, while the larger ones can be attached from below because it is inflated with helium. Our pig has a fixed blower which is fixed at the level of the back but under the canvas. To keep it inflated, it was suspended using hooks attached to its body and the electrical cord connected to the blower was fed from above via a cable that became invisible in the semi-darkness of concert halls.

This cult object was acquired at an auction house in France and de facto got the authentication by the auctioneer. A partial copy of the invoice from the auction house will serve as a certificate of authenticity in addition to our certification.
For almost 50 years the inflatable pigs of Pink Floyd have been used to convey messages about society. Pigs in make-up, processed pigs, tagged pigs ... we can estimate at around twenty the number of Floyded mammals. Its most controversial appearance is that of 2013 when the group affixed horns and semi-Nazi acronyms on poor Algie (yes that's the name of the sow) (and yes, she's a female !) In protest at the Israeli politics. A kind of new buzz.

First appearance in the English sky in 1976 then on the covers of their album and finally in concerts.

From 2.5 meters to 12 meters (78 to 472 inches) the sizes varied according to the places exploited: concert hall, stage, sky.
Here it is a stage pig, suspended near the artists.
About 2.50m (78 inches) long and 1m wide (39 inches), with its suspension accessories (cords and chains) and its internal blower which works very well. Everything is stored in a dedicated leather transport bag.

A great Masterpiece for fans of the rock'n roll fundamentals.