1:1 Terminator bust signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger

3,000.00 €

Outside UE, VAT on margin plus delivery
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Bust halfway between plastic and resin representing Terminator, the famous T800 embodied by Arnold Schwarzenegger since 1985. The bust is hollow and inside an electrical system is preinstalled to light up the left eye of the T800 in red.
The hair is very realistic as is the whole statue. On the back Gouvernator affixed his signature with a black marker during a signing session.

It should be noted that this piece is unique, possibly built by a fan who later parted with it.
Full size.
Very light, around 400 grams.
Fragile, the bust has a small crack at its base, at the level of the "skin" which rests on the "ground". This crack is the result of manipulation by the actor during the autograph. But nothing bad, really. A bit of tape has been affixed to the inside to reinforce the strength at this exact point.

Comes with its certificate of authenticity representing the actor signing his own head :)

This is not :

  • a printed autograph
  • nor a fake autograph
  • nor an autograph collected by people claiming to be autograph collectors in person.

This autograph has been collected during a signing session organized by the agent of the actor or actress mentioned here. A photo is shot for each series of signatures depending on the item that is signed. A numbered hologram is affixed to each object and thanks to this hologram you can verify online the authenticity of this signature as well as the date and place where it took place.