• Each authenticity is checked before publishing.
  • All items are on stock on our warehouse.
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  • Each authenticity is checked before publishing.
  • All items are on stock on our warehouse.
  • COA and invoice with each product.
  • The price you paid won't be public after purchasing.
  • Ask for a shipping costs quotation before to buy ! Contact us.

Link passions

This website is the result of a passion. Collector of autographed items with a history, I wanted to make this interest a place of exchange and enrichment. The Terminator head signed by Schwarzy, a travel accessory bag from a movie and used by Samuel L Jackson, Captain America's shield, signed pictures by my "heroes", from Catherine Deneuve to Clint Eastwood, from Uma Thurman to Matt Damon and Simone Signoret ... This kind of happiness to have in hands or on the wall a piece of the history of the cinema !

Avoid the traps

But when you collect you must be vigilant, counterfeits are legion ! Until the early 2000's many American companies were trading autographs, many companies. Too many companies . The FBI began investigating this lucrative business that enriched many of these Limited Companies. And it was the crash, a purge of the market. Dozens of companies were unmasked, prosecuted and sentenced. False, forge, counterfeit . Bulky forged autographs ! This industry suffered. This was necessary. Today, in 2019, the number of survivors can be counted on the fingers of only two hands. Those who have crossed the ladder of recognition, those who have been able to prove that what they put on the market was genuine, those in whom you can trust. They are so few that I will even mention the best of them:

  • - JSA, James Spence Authentication, the history of sport he knows a radius
  • - Beckett, mainly specialized in sports autographs, but also deals with entertainment.
  • - Celebrity Authentics, he sells only cinema, and has the special feature of providing a hologram and in 97% of cases a photo of the personality signing the object (photo, poster, object ...). I do not know better level guarantee of authenticity.
  • - PSA/DNA, Professional Sports Authenticator, also specialized in sports autographs they happen to authenticate some Hollywood stars . This company was created precisely in the late 90s in response to this necessary household in the world of autographs.
  • - Then you have these two companies which are "secure" too : RadtkeSports and Pristineauctions

What about the less reliable?

Do you want the list ? Really ? So be aware that if you have an autograph accompanied by a "certificate of authenticity" that mentions one of the following listed companies, then you can worry a little bit. Well, already, the certificate of authenticity or the letter of authenticity does not mean much. It's a document where someone says something is true. Of course it depends on who says that. You're still here ?

Companies identified by the FBI and blacklisted from everywhere :

  • A&J Enterprises
  • Aladdin Collectibles
  • All Sports Cards & Memorabilia
  • Autographs by Mail
  • Baseball Card Barn
  • General Pictures
  • Grand Slam Memorabilia
  • Hall of Fame Sports Gallery
  • Hollywood Don’s
  • Hollywood Memories
  • Jungleka98
  • Laura’s Cartoons
  • LLN Enterprises, Autographs by Mail
  • Madison Sports
  • Power Sports
  • Reel Memories, Hollywood Memories
  • Round Five
  • Smokey’s
  • Sports Cards
  • Sports Legends Memorabilia, American Memorabilia
  • Sportstop
  • Stardust Collectibles
  • Truly Unique Collectibles
  • Universal Engineering and Development Company
  • Wall of Fame
  • When It Was a Game.

Companies banned by eBay :

  • Ace Authentic
  • Coach’s Corner Sports Auctions
  • Christopher L. Morales
  • CSC Collectibles
  • Donald Frangipani
  • Forensic Document Services
  • Hollywood Dreams
  • J. DiMaggio Co./J. DiMaggio Company
  • Legends Sports Memorabilia
  • Nathan’s Autographs/N.E. Autographs
  • Nicholas Burczyk
  • Pro Sports/Pro Sports Memorabilia
  • RareandSigned.com
  • Robert Prouty
  • R.R.’s Sports Cards & Collectibles
  • SCAA/Front Page Art/Angelo Marino
  • Slamdunk Sportscards and Memorabilia
  • Sports Alley Memorabilia
  • Sports Management Group
  • Stan’s Sports/Stan’s Sports Memorabilia
  • TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic)
  • Universal Memorabilia
  • XMI Authentications
  • USA Authentics

Companies and private sellers denounced by Ebay at the FBI :

  • Catch a Star/JMC Distributors/J&M Sports Cards/Mike Bowler (all of Oceanside, Calif.)
  • Classic Memorabilia/Hollywood Dreams/Hollywood Collectibles/David Tabb (of Santa Ana, Calif.; not to be confused with any other firms)
  • Del Mar Sports Cards/Jon Hall (San Diego)
  • Framed Images/Richard Laughlin (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.)
  • Front Page Art/John Marino, Gloria Marino, Kathleen Marino, Greg Marino, Angelo Marino
  • Frosty’s/Frosty Golembeske
  • Home Field Advantage/Carmen “Chip” Lombardo (Del Mar, Calif.)
  • International Sports Marketing/Mike Lopez (Rosemead, Calif.)
  • La Jolla Sports Cards/Bruce Gaston (La Jolla, Calif.)
  • Prime Time Sports Cards/Michael Tapales (Buena Park, Calif.)
  • Pro Sport Memorabilia/Anthony Marino
  • Rick’s Collectibles/Ricky Weimer (Escondido, Calif.)
  • Ricky Mitchell
  • Shelly’s Cards/Sheldon Jaffe (Tustin, Calif.)
  • Sports and Celebrity Authentic Autographs/WW Sports Cards/Wayne Bray (San Marcos, Calif.)
  • Sports Management Group (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)/Universal Authentic Memorabilia (San Clemente, Calif.)/Sports Alley (Laguna Niguel, Calif.)/Mike Moses/Robyn Moses
  • The Beautiful and the Unusual/Lowell Katz (Long Beach, Calif.)
  • Universal Authentic Memorabilia/Reno Ruberti/Karen Ruberti (San Clemente, Calif.)/Scott Harris/Mary Lou Harris.


Hey ! Still here ? What about AFTAL now ?

AFwhat ??

AFTAL: Autograph Fair Trade Association To explain easily , they are witnesses during a signature and / or a group of autograph collectors (those who go to get the autograph directly from the artist). The AFTAL said : if you want to enter our association, you must be as white as the lamb that has just been born. Your autographs must be authentic and have a warranty period that is up to yours (lifetime guaranty). It means it's a big bet that you make by buying an AFTAL member. Sure there are lots of nice people who make good and honest job in this group; but there is especially the others, those who, once entered the AFTAL, can take advantage of it and, in fact, increase their credibility then their sales without necessarily selling only authentic signatures.

We're living in a wonderful world. I personally have already bought several autographs to a dealer from UK . Once I received them I had some authenticate on the PSA website. All my requests were negative; each time I got the answer "Likely not genuine ...". The dealer refund me without problem when I contacted him . Without further comment.

To make safe investment

Since then, not to lose my money in expensive verifications, I decided to buy only some already authenticated items ! And it's almost only what you will find on this website. A $30 picture signed by Al Pacino, it does not exist. If you've been told that it is true then it is up to you to take the risk. An authentic work, a certified poster or a movie prop with all the necessary proofs will all be a great investment that you can be proud of and that you can resell easily if necessary.

Enjoy your visit, and do not hesitate to send us a photo of an unusual autographed object! ;)